The Lens Mug and Sonic Beer Foamer: 2 Incredible Present Ideas

Just what gift do you obtain for the person who has everything? Well, when a person has everything, then you start shopping for the unique and abnormal gifts. Switching to the web will reveal a lot of unique and interesting present tips. Under are just a couple of these fun and unique gift ideas for the individual whom already has everything.

1. Picture Lens Mug.

Okay, this is an extremely unique and enjoyable piece. It is a coffee cup that is shaped and created to resemble a professional photography lens. As with any cup, you can consume hot or cold beverages from the mug, as much as 12 complete ounces of fluid. If you understand someone who loves photography, then the lens mug would make the ideal birthday celebration or Christmas time gift.

Believe about it, the camera lover likely already has a lens for shooting pictures at evening, for shooting pictures outside, and for shooting pictures during the time, but do they have a lens for enjoying their coffee? Expert photographer or not, coffee is usually the simplest way to start any day. Today they can enjoy their coffee in something which reminds them of the passion in life. The photo Lens Mug is extremely comprehensive and resembles a DSLR camera lens in every feasible sense. The best part is that the design is actually a thermos, that will keep your coffee hot for hours on end. It even comes with a lens cap that has an opening for drinking your coffee while keeping it warm, insulated, and covered.

2. Sonic Beer Foamer.

Did you know that ultrasonic vibrations can really make your beer better? When you’ve tasted a beer enhanced with the ultrasonic noise enhancer, you’ll never ever wish to go right back. The Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic sounds to create the perfect layer of bubbles on top of your beer. This renders a creamy, long enduring taste. Everyone understands that the foam is the best part of the beer, but now you can get a nice head of foam on any cup of beer. While you’re consuming your beer, simply plug the foamer into the wall and it will recharge. This is the perfect gift for somebody who loves to drink, but is constantly complaining about their beer. When they taste a sonic foamed beer, they’ll wonder just how they ever survived without it. The price is affordable as well as the flavor is absolutely unforgettable.

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